Ryan started his journey in roasting coffee for personal consumption years ago.  Fast forward to running Good Medicine Lodge Bed & Breakfast, where in 2020 he began roasting coffee for the business.  He wanted to ensure that the breakfast guests were getting the very best coffee we could possibly offer.  What better way than roasting it himself? 



If you don’t know much about the Third-wave coffee movement, you can find a little more information on the subject here

To put it simply, we only source sustainable, responsible specialty green coffee beans that we purchase in season.  We only roast small batches, that way we can ensure you are receiving the freshest cup of coffee possible.   



Ryan was able to find this beautiful state of the art roaster called The San Franciscan from someone local in Montana.  It was quite the learning curve in getting the roaster all set up for our use (visit our blog to read more).  The feedback we received initially was promising and we knew we had something special.   


Master Roaster Ryan Grenier at his San Franciscan Roaster



Ryan keeps his finger to the pulse when it comes to finding the perfect green bean.  With his established relationship with the specialty coffee importer, Ryan is able to secure lots of unique and sometimes exotic and hard to get coffee beans.  Every region, farm and processing mill is different with unique methods on how they process their coffee.  Ryan is able to learn about each of these and provide you with this information.  Through purchasing our coffee you too have this knowledge about the coffee you are experiencing.   



As word was getting out about Ryan’s amazing Third-wave style coffee, we were receiving many requests from locals and past guests to purchase the coffee.  Ryan decided that he had the passion to pursue this beyond the B&B business and loves talking coffee to anyone who will listen.  Today, we have several repeat customers who drop in to pick up their weekly supply and have many online customers who subscribe.  We hear from many people that this is the best coffee they have ever experienced.   


Master Roaster Ryan Grenier hosting a Coffee Flight at Good Medicine Lodge in Whitefish Montana


We sell single origin coffee and occasionally we sell our specialty blends.  We have four options you can choose: Light to Medium, Medium to Dark, Espresso and Roaster’s Choice. 

Light to medium roasts allow us to better highlight the flavor profiles based on the mill’s processing method. These coffees tend to be brighter, more fruit forward, acidic and more in line with the current trend in coffee roasting.  

Our medium to dark roasted coffee is not your traditional dark roast.  Traditional dark roasted coffee is overtaken by the roasting, and you lose the delicate details that our roast provides. At Good Medicine Coffee, we want you to taste what makes these regions special while still scratching that itch for a good cup of “dark” coffee. These coffees tend to have lower acidity, and have big and bold flavors rich with chocolate, nuts, spice and earthiness.   

Espresso – this coffee option is meant to perform in your espresso machine at home for specialty coffee drinks such as espresso, latte, cappuccino, americano etc.    

Lastly, we have roasters choice.  This is the option for anyone who wants to experience the variety and coffee we are experimenting with.  You get a variety of coffees that really don’t follow any coffee trends. Ryan will select from his current favorites that may be outside the norm in his search for the perfect cup of coffee.